What is the use for the body composition analysis?
It is useful to better understand the relationship between the various body components and their incidence on body weight: fat mass, muscle mass, fluids, metabolism, etc
How does the Biva Expert service work on body composition ?
Mainly assessing bioelectrical whole body impedance with BivaTelelab, a medical grade device that sends the measurements to a dedicated server and thereafter analysed, interpreted and returned to sender as body composition information
How all information exchanges are handled?
The ” In and Outs” form the device to the Server are posted directly to your referral Specialist and displayed on your smart phone by a web based application (BIVA Smart)
What for is the Biva Smart Web-App?
It is an application of telemedicine, multifunctional, interactive and focused on the patient. Allows you to be the protagonist of the entire application: receiving scientific information on your body composition (weight, fat mass, lean mass, body water, metabolic rate, BMI, reference values); receive information and advice from your professionals or our experts, with whom you can interact to interpret, modify your data and follow-up results and to have exchanges within a closed circuit social network
“I’m going to join a weight reduction program, and I have been prescribed a Biva Expert analysis to be performed regularly ....... Why and what is that ?”
Because is it important that the weight reduction takes place on the body fat and not by muscles or body water reduction.
I have successfully completed a weight reduction program, and lost about 30 Lbs. I’ m usually physical active and now I’m getting a tailored maintenance nutrition program; my nutritionist advised me to have a BivaExpert analysis regularly. What do I need it for, since I'm in a perfect shape!
Your nutritionist is an expert professional, knows that monitoring a patient with Biva Expert is fundamental to monitor and, if needed, correct qualitatively or quantitatively the daily eating habits
I’ m a sports addict. Can I use the Biva Expert analysis to monitor the quality and quantity of my muscles and to keep my hydration state under control in order to optimize trainings and improve my performance?
Yes, the Biva Expert system allows to assess and follow the quality and quantity of your muscle mass and your hydration level, helping optimizing any training program its intensity and improving overall performance.
I have been told that impedance scales are not reliable, how does Telelab by BivaExpert differentiate from “off the shelves” body composition analysis scales?
Telelab Biva Expert it’s a professional medical device known for its reliability in hospitals and research centers, detecting complex impedance parameters with a precision and quality out of reach of the commercial devices
I’ m on diuretics for a heart problems, my doctor prescribed Biva Expert analysis, to be performed almost daily, why ? I do not have problems with my weight and prescriptions?
Some heart problems are requiring the use of diuretics to eliminate body water in excess therefore necessitating that hydration levels are always under strict control, thus preventing fluid hindrances: Biva Expert allows to classify precisely your hydration state, and help modulate the diuretics ideal dosage.
I am a retired man since a few years, I have recently noticed that my muscle strength has been decreasing. Can I get some help from a Biva Expert program?
Starting from the forties even much healthy subjects begin to lose muscle mass. This phenomenon could lead to a status called sarcopenia, and it can progress more or less rapidly. It could be the reason for you to feel weaker. It is therefore important to obtain a professional body composition assessment with Biva Expert to estimate the amount and quality of muscles. If the result indicates the risk or inception of sarcopenia, with the help of your doctor you can halt, reverse the trend by modifying lifestyle, nutrition habits and increasing your physical activity. Serial analysis with monthly intervals will keep track of outcomes and evaluate effectiveness
I’ m a bit worried about my mother being elder and not drinking enough water. I'm afraid that she will become dehydrated, especially during the hot, dry season. A BivaExpert control can be of any advantages?
Elder subjects progressively lose the sensation of thirst, often they do not drink enough and run into the risk of dehydration, also very serious, especially during summertime. Biva Expert allows to assess the water content inside and outside the cells, classify the real hydration state and identify a recommended quantity of minimal daily intake of fluids. Further analysis will allow you to control the compliance, the results and to optimize the quantity of fluids required to avoid serious problems..
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