Biva- expert TELELAB ® is a body composition monitor based on Akern vectorial BIA technology that yields the most reliable and repetitive measurements of the body fluids

Clinical Nutrition & dietetic support:

Obesity, overweight, malnutrition, eating behavior disorders, post bariatric surgery . Quantitative and qualitative basal analysis of the various body compartments Monitoring changes in body compartments during specific dietary programs Objective assessment of the level of hydration Evaluation of the effectiveness of nutritional therapies Whereas obesity is characterized by excess adipose tissue mass, alterations in fluid distribution in obesity and after weight reduction have been reported


Primary malnourishment prevention , hydration screening, nutritional therapy and control of sarcopenic subjects. BIVA represent a feasible body composition clinical approach free from inherent errors of the equations and assumptions, not being simply quantitative body estimation of compartments . Phase angle alone has been shown to be the single best predictor of survival and outcome and should therefore be used as screening tool for identification of patients at risk because of impaired nutritional or functional status. BIVA provides more detailed information on hydration and cell mass integrity considered as an assessment and monitoring tool.


Primary prevention for fluid decompensation on CHF patients and malnourishment, screening, nutritional therapy and control of cachectic subjects. Biva- Expert offers a potential advance in the assessment and monitoring of cyclical fluid overload in patients with congestive heart failure. Reliance on clinical impressions and many biomarkers fails to provide the sensitivity needed to positively affect readmission rates. Thank to our technology we offer a reduction on re-admission and a better quality of life for your patients.

Sport medicine & Wellness

Proper hydration is important for optimal physical performance and endurance. Because both dehydration and overhydration can be a serious problem for athletes. Individuals can monitor their hydration status by employing new technology such as Bioimpedance . Body weight changes can reflect sweat losses during exercise and can be used to calculate individual fluid replacement needs for specific exercise and environmental conditions . The routine measurement of pre- and post-exercise body weights is useful for determining sweat rates and customized fluid replacement programs. Long term body weight follow up induces wrong evaluation of real hydration , specially when muscle, fat and fluid compartments can derivate. Three compartments model body composition analysis based on bioimpedance technology can offer the best way to detect changes and the BIVA data offer the tracking of hydration changes

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